Gethsemane Garden, Diego’s Bright Painting Imagination



Acrylic mixture with Oil on canvas

Size - 60 x 80 cm

DIEGO is able to express his imagination on canvas very well. The choice of the theme he carried out seemed to be able to be translated and manifested in the form of a painting.

The main object "Gethsemane Garden" is brightly colored as if it were embodied perfectly. Diego's paintings included abstract expressionist categories with strokes and scratches as if they were looking in a direction, but were able to display beautiful paintings.

DIEGO is mixed ancestry, with a father from Java and a mother from East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), who loves painting and listening to the music. He inherited his father's talent and develops it at his school, Daya Pelita Kasih Center. He was born in Jakarta, September 9, 2000.

Although Diego has a developmental disorder (Down Syndrome), he has taken part in several painting exhibitions in Jakarta and other cities, and one of his paintings was auctioned by Sotheby's Jakarta at the Indonesia Peduli Anak charity event, held by the Ministry of Trade. The Proceeds went to several elementary schools in Kupang, NTT. Some of his painting goes to Malaysia, Singapore, England, Dutch, USA and other cities in Indonesia.

Some of Diego's recent work depict colorful human life and aesthetic nature, Characteristic of all his paintings are the various colors, which he creates using the classic palette knife and brush. His paintings are still categorized as 'green', as he continues to explore and experiment the beauty of contemporary art.