Alila Bali Resorts Respond to Global Travel Industry Call to Action

ALILA Hotels & Resorts is delighted to be the host venue for the “Act Local, Impact Global” event along with One Island One Voice and Java Mountain Coffee held recently at Alila Seminyak. Jointly supported by all four Alila resorts in Bali, this event hails a KOMITMEN to build a sustainable future through a series of realistic and impactful actions as pledged by a party of conscious and responsible business leaders.

In this collaboration with One Island One Voice, the collective KOMITMEN has implemented realistic first steps for plastic elimination, reduction, separation and disposal at Alila resorts so as to end the crisis of plastic pollution in our oceans, rivers, fields and landfills eventually.

Through this powerful initiative, One Island One Voice with Alila Bali are encouraging other green-focused hotels in Bali to sign up for the KOMITMEN to eliminate plastic pollution together. By signing the pledge, each hotel will commit to implement green-friendly actions to support and protect the environment in Bali. These actions include the ban of single use plastic straws, single use water bottles, and the separation of organic and inorganic waste on property.

In addition, Alila Bali has also undertaken to replace in-room coffee machines with Java Mountain Coffee that uses certified biodegradable capsules which will take an estimated three months to breakdown into composite after usage. The certified biodegradable capsules are filled with farm fresh sustainable coffee that empowers female farmers and seasonal workers from Bali Mountain Women’s Coffee Cooperative and Java Mountain Women’s Coffee Cooperative. Part of the revenue from this project is invested directly to the Women’s Empowerment Innovation Fund.

Environmental sustainability and community welfare are well ingrained in the Alila operating values since the brand’s inception 15 years ago. Some of Alila’s green initiatives happening across all four Alila resorts include Alila Manggis’ ‘Dive Against Debris’ where every month, guests are invited to join trained divers to remove underwater debris, such as plastic bottles and bags along the Alila Manggis homegrown reef.

At Alila Ubud, the use of Bamboo Straws was implemented to stop the overconsumption of disposable, single-use plastic straws at the resort. Alila Villas Uluwatu produces its own glass-bottled water using a water purification system in reusable glass bottles which significantly reduces plastic bottle consumption, pollution from plastic disposal, carbon emissions generated by transporting bottled mineral water to the resort, all these resulted in good cost savings.

Alila Seminyak implemented a ‘Straw on Request Only’ at Seasalt and Beach Bar where only paper and cornstarch straws are used. To drive the message across, the straws carry the slogan ‘I’M NOT PLASTIC’. The resort uses glass bottles instead of plastic bottles in rooms and for events. Glass bottle dispensers are set up in the lobby for guests while morning joggers have access to refreshing water through acrylic glass dispensers set up by the beach. []